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The Targus Ultra Max Notebook Cable lock is made with industrial strength Technora® coated cable fiber offering astonishing pull strength to over 2,300 pounds. At 8mm thick, this ultra strong cable offers maximum security. Up to 10,000 4-digit combinations are possible and they can be set or changed at any time. It conveniently attaches to any notebook or other hardware equipped with a lock slot.

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The Targus Retractable Cable Travel Lock allows you to secure your personal and valuable belongings wherever you go. You can lock your luggage at the airport lounge, your ski equipment at the lodge, or your laptop computer in the hotel.

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Compatible with laptops or tablets with a Kensington® Nano® lock-slot, the DEFCON® Keyed Cable Lock provides peace of mind and ease of use in securing your equipment.

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Compatible with laptops or tablets with a Kensington® Nano® lock-slot, the DEFCON® Compact Resettable Combo Cable Lock provides peace of mind with freedom from keys.

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Whether you’re working from home, the airport lounge, or a coffee shop, laptop locks are a must-have if you want to secure your equipment and make sure no one gets a hold of your information. The DEFCON® Ultimate Universal Resettable Combination Lock is your ideal security companion because it’s easy-to-use and easy to carry with its slim size, making it great for slim devices. It attaches to most major lock slot designs like Kensington® Nano, Kensington K-Slot, even the oversized Noble wedge-shaped lock slots, ensuring your laptop, docking station, or monitor stay right where they need to be.

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The DEFCON® Trapezoid Resettable Combo Cable Lock is a sturdy locking device with a pass-through loop on one end and a lock on the other. The 6.5-foot durable galvanized steel from which the cable is constructed is both cut- and rust-resistant so that it’s nearly impossible to destruct. And if someone attempts to remove the lock, it will noticeably damage the computer, alerting you to potential theft and preventing resale.


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Protect your laptop computer and its valuable data with this affordable security product - the Targus DEFCON® T-Lock Resettable Combo Cable Lock. The lock is 6.5 feet of cut-resistant, vinyl-coated, galvanized steel cable that loops around any secure object and easily attaches to your laptop's lock slot. Our DEFCON® T-Lock Resettable Combo Cable Lock features a user-settable combination lock with up to 10,000 possible settings.

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