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This EUROO Foot Massager soothes tired and aching feet. It effectively relieves soreness, discomfort, tension, and fatigue with a combination of air pressure and acupressure techniques.

₱8,549.00 ₱9,500.00
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This EUROO Back Massager is ergonomically designed to fit body curve for a deep massage.

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This EUROO Neck and Back Massager promotes relaxation which aids to prevent and relieve stiffness of the muscles, stimulates good blood circulation into the muscle tissue, and reduce stress.

₱4,229.00 ₱4,700.00
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This EUROO Eye Care Massager helps to ease eye strain and with its fully customizable air pressure and heat compression massage. It can help reduce puffy eyes and induce better sleep.

₱4,499.00 ₱5,000.00
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This EUROO Travel Pillow Massager is designed with soft memory foam and pampering shiatsu massage to help you relax and unwind while traveling or lounging in your own space.
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Indulge the full spa experience from the comfort of your own space with this EUROO Foldable Foot Spa Massager. It is the perfect solution to ease tired and sore feet after a long day.
₱2,999.00 ₱4,300.00
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