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This EUROO 3-in-1 Floor Stand Humidifier is designed to provide a wide scale of moisture for large areas such as; home, office, and commercial space.

₱5,459.00 ₱7,800.00
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This EUROO 3-in-1 UV Tower Humidifier quietly emits a cool mist that helps make your space more at ease. Its slim tower design saves space and seamlessly complements your lifestyle.

₱4,199.00 ₱6,000.00
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This EUROO 3-in-1 Tabletop Humidifier provides cool mist in areas such as; bedroom, living room, and office space. It adds moisture to the air to prevent dryness that can cause skin irritation.  

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This EUROO Wireless UV Atomizer is ideal for disinfecting any indoor and outdoor surfaces. It produces a long range of nano-mist that can disinfect wide area at once.

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Breath at ease with efficient True HEPA purification

The highly efficient three-layer filter core with built-in True HEPA filter can achieve a PM CADR of up to 320 m³/h, and, together with the 360° air duct circulation system, purifies at a high speed for long-lasting purified air.

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This EUROO Automatic Wall Mounted Liquid Dispenser is perfect for office, hospital, bathroom and kitchen. It can be used with liquid hand soap, sanitizer or any cleansing product that may enhance hygienic purpose.

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