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Iron 30% faster with steam*

There’s so much more to life than household chores, so you want to get them done as fast as possible. With continuous steam, non-stick coating and a built-in water spray, this iron is designed to remove wrinkles from garments quickly.

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Crispy golden brown toast every day

This compact toaster comes with 8 settings and 2 large variable slots, so you can have even toasting result regardless of different bread types. The integrated bun rack also allows you to warm your favorite buns, pastries and rolls easily.

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Great toast, no matter fresh or frozen 

Enjoy great toast no matter fresh or frozen bread with this compact toaster. Features an extended heating platform for more even toasting, defrost to toast straight from frozen and variable browning control for individual preference.

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Safe and easy boiling.

The body of the new Philips electric kettle uses food-grade standard stainless steel, providing rapid water boiling with peace of mind! 

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Breath at ease with efficient True HEPA purification

The highly efficient three-layer filter core with built-in True HEPA filter can achieve a PM CADR of up to 320 m³/h, and, together with the 360° air duct circulation system, purifies at a high speed for long-lasting purified air.

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Enjoy its full functions with its strong suction power and 2-in-1 adjustable nozzle designed to reach even at the smallest spaces. It also features a HEP11 Class 1 filter purification and is capable of fast charging. This compact vacuum reaches the tightest spots, not leaving a single piece of dirt behind!

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